Garrett ACE APEX Metal Detector (Treasure Hunter Legend Pack)

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  • Built-in wireless technology
  • Four single frequencies and two simultaneous multi-frequency choices
  • Powerful Multi-Salt Mode for beach use
  • Six search modes
  • 6″ x 11″  (15.2 x 28cm) DD Multi-Flex™ Viper submersible searchcoil
  • Headphones can connect with Z-Lynk (sold seperately) or with a 1/8″ (3mm) Headphone Jack
  • Weight: 1.13 kgs
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery (approx. 15 hours of use)
  • PLUS free Viper Coil Cover to protect your searchcoil
  • Made in the USA
  • Australian support from Garrett Australia
    • also offering the full range of accessories and upgrades


UPGRADEABLE SOFTWARE: CLICK HERE to update your Apex with the latest software from our Support page


Experience the ACE Apex Multi Frequency Metal Detector

Choose from single-frequency and simultaneous multi-frequency with the Garrett ACE Apex metal detector. This advanced detector features Multi-Flex technology, bringing you more versatility than any other detector in its price range. Lower-frequency models offer improved detection for more conductive metals, while high-frequency models are more effective for less conductive targets like gold nuggets. It’s ideal for gold prospecting, shallow water wading, relic hunting, coin shooting, and beach hunting, adapting to various metal detecting activities with precision and ease.

Its streamlined design and intuitive controls integrate the latest advancements in metal detection technology, positioning the ACE Apex as a top choice for beginners and experienced treasure hunters. Features like Iron Volume, Iron Audio, and Hi-Resolution Ground Balance enhance your treasure-hunting experiences, ensuring each adventure is efficient and enjoyable.


Advanced Feature

The ACE Apex is a powerful and versatile tool for various activities. It has an array of unique features and technical specifications that enhance the metal-detecting experience.

  • Iron Volume Control: Allows users to decrease the volume of iron targets while maintaining the standard volume for non-ferrous targets. This enhances the focus on more desired targets.
  • Multi-Flex Multi-Frequency Technology: Offers multiple operating frequencies, enabling more effective detection across various metals and ground conditions. Choose simultaneous, multi-freq., or multi-salt modes.
  • Single Frequency Options: This metal detector enhances the detection of specific targets when you choose from 5, 10, 15, and 20 kHz.
  • Hi-Resolution Ground Balance: Features 175 points of ground balance resolution for terrains ranging from ferrous ground to saltwater beaches.
  • 5-Tone Audible Target ID: Provides five distinct audio tones for greater target identification.
  • Hi-Resolution Discrimination: Includes twenty pixels of Notch Discrimination and eight pixels of iron for precise control over which targets to accept or reject.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to approximately 15 hours of use. You don’t have to worry about losing battery life when treasure hunting.


Technical Specifications

  • Search Coil: Comes with the 6″ x 11″ (15.2 x 28cm) DD Multi-Flex Viper search coil designed for maximum depth and sensitivity, enhancing overall performance. This search coil is lightweight and offers excellent target separation.
  • Wireless Audio Accessories: optional Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk headphones offer up to six times faster speed than Bluetooth with no cords.
  • Detection Modes: Includes six detection modes plus pinpoint: zero, coins, US coins (with coin icons), jewelry, relics, and custom.
  • Hybrid Audio System: Combines the simplicity of binary audio (found on existing ACE detectors) and the benefits of proportional audio for faint signals


Applications and Capabilities

  • With advanced settings and multi-frequency operation, this multi-frequency detector provides treasure hunters with the tools for successful and efficient metal detecting.
  • Versatility in Different Ground Conditions: The multi-frequency technology of the ACE Apex operates in different terrains, including saltwater beaches and mineralized soils.
  • Effective Detection of Various Metals: The ACE Apex detects large silver coins, hammered silver coins, gold nuggets, and more.
  • Customizable Advanced Settings: Users can adjust the detector sensitivity to eight levels based on the environment and target types.



What types of environments can you use the ACE Apex?

Feel free to use your ACE Apex in various environments. The multi-frequency technology and ground balance allow you to adventure through saltwater beaches and ferrous ground.


What is the advantage of Multi-Flex Multi-Frequency Technology?

Multi-frequency technology allows the user to operate at different frequencies. There are advantages to simultaneous multi-frequency and single frequencies, but both provide greater adaptability and efficiency. Lower frequencies have greater detection for more conductive targets, while higher frequency detectors focus on less conductive targets.


*Note: As a result of the Multi-Flex coil technology, the Apex Viper coil is not compatible with older ACE detectors. Prior ACE coils are not compatible with an Apex detector.


SKU GMD-1142320
Brand Garrett Metal Detectors


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