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Viper Firearms Simulator

The VIPER Firearms Training System offers a high quality training capability at a competitive and realistic price. The team are working side by side with strategic partners who have a thorough understanding of the training needs of police and militaries from all around the world.

The system was born because of the unwillingness of manufacturers to deliver what end users actually need, instead they deliver something they have already developed, and then expect it to fit the needs of the world wide security community. That is obviously not possible as different cultures have different understandings of different situations. Rules of Engagement differ around the world and training systems laser and live fire have to be totally adaptable to every requirement.



We have the capability to create bespoke training packages that perfectly fit, yet are still adaptable to the ever changing requirements of security organizations. Training platforms that are used today require changing for tomorrow because something has happened somewhere and our protectors have to regroup and change tactics.

Both military and police officers have become peacekeepers around the world. Each incident is monitored and officers are accountable for their actions. Each shot is often filmed by the worldwide network of media which follow conflicts wherever they may be.


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