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PPSS's Ultra Lightweight Bullet and Stab Resistant Vests provides the very best and highly functional solution that requires weapon protection.

Official test reports for PPSS's bullet resistant vests are of course available upon special request. This advanced design has been successfully tested against a general issue TASER® device, which was recently conducted in a realistic operational setting – with a negative effect on the wearer. The wearer was not incapacitated by the Taser discharge nor suffered any effects of the device.

The ground-breaking, PPSS's high performance stab resistant vests have been designed to provide the very best levels of protection from edged weapons as well as hypodermic needles, another real risk in today’s society.

If you are looking for the very best durable protection you can truly depend on, then you have just found what you were looking for, PPSS Bullet and Stab Resistant Vests is the solution.



SlashPRO Slash Resistant Clothing and Gloves have been designed to offer the highest level of cut and slash protection, covering the Radial Artery, Brachial Artery, Carotid Artery, Axillary Artery and Femoral Artery – effectively reducing the risk of rapid blood loss and potential subsequent death following an assault by an edged weapon.

Recent attacks on homeland security professionals, police and prison officers, private security guards and other domestic frontline professionals around the world have highlighted a real need for this type of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Furthermore, the risk of accidental injuries during forced entry operations is also a well reported occupational hazard and is not to be underestimated when completing risk assessments for specific operations.


PPSS Group is a UK headquartered (and also U.S. registered) firm specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of high performance body armour and protective clothing – offering protection from firearms, edged weapons, hypodermic needles as well as blunt force trauma and human bites.

PPSS Group is led by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals with 100+ years of operational frontline experience in governments, elite military forces, police, prison riot teams and personal protection.

For more information and product demonstration, please contact our Government Sales Team on gov@outdoortactical.com.au