MLA Police Equipment

MLA Police Equipment aim to provide the best range of police equipment , possibly can to assist the serving officer carrying out his or her duties.

MLA Police Equipment concentrate first and foremost on performance in the field. Their choice of materials and construction involves balancing the robust with the practical and comfortable – MLA know how important it is to have kit that won’t let officers down.

That comes from MLA's background and experience at the front line of policing. Not only are there former police officers on MLA's team, They are also in regular contact with members of today’s forces.

MLA Police Equipment believe that this special access to the demands of real-life police work gives them a unique perspective on the job in hand and the equipment and riot kit needed to carry it out safely and properly.

Designed, developed and selected by MLA Police Equipment in the UK, the MLA's police equipment range is one you can choose from with absolute confidence knowing that it will always be fit for purpose.


For more information and demonstration of MLA Police Equipment, please contact our Government Solutions Team.