The Importance of Keeping a Flashlight in Your Vehicle

There are several practical items you should keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency and one of the most important tools is a quality flashlight. If you don't already carry a flashlight every day, here are 4 Reasons why you should, but if for some reason you can't, you need to keep a quality flashlight in your vehicle for practical and emergency situations. While most people have a flashlight on their smartphone, you wouldn't want to use it for an extended period and risk draining your battery if you're in an emergency situation. Additionally, if you drop it, you may lose your light source. Keeping a flashlight in your car may save your life

Here are 10 reasons why you should keep a premium flashlight in your vehicle:


Finding Stuff in the Dark Everyone has lost something in the dark abyss under the car seat or worse, dropped something into the black hole that exists between the seats. Perhaps you've tried to find something in a dark trunk because the light was burned out. Sure you can grope around under your seat touching God knows what but it's easier (and safer) if you have a flashlight

A Breakdown or You Ran Out of Gas When your car breaks down most people pop the hood and take a look, but if the light doesn't work, you're going to need a flashlight. Worst case scenario, you might have to abandon your car at night because you have no cellphone service to call for help or maybe you ran out of gas and have to walk to a gas station. A flashlight will help you find your way and alert other drivers that you are on the road.

Alert Traffic After an Accident or Breakdown After an accident or break down, it is a good idea to put down road flares to alert traffic but if you don't have any or they burn out before help arrives, a bright flashlight is a good substitute.

Changing a Tire Some people might be able to change a tire in the dark but if you drop one of those lug nuts you'll be saying "oh fudge" like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" and you'll wish you had a flashlight.

Jump Starting Another Car Bad things can happen if you don't connect jumper cables correctly so it's not something you want to attempt in the dark.

Cleaning Up After a Minor Accident If you're in a minor fender-bender at night, it's courteous to other drivers to remove large debris from the road. A flashlight will help you find the pieces and alert other drivers that you're on the road.

In Case Both Headlights Go Out Your car could suddenly lose power or both headlights could be broken by thrown gravel. Holding a flashlight out the window will help you to safely pull over and call for help.

Checking Your Trailer or Load If you're pulling a trailer or have stuff strapped down to your car or truck, you 're going to need a flashlight if you have to pull over to check your load at night.

Charge Your Phone to Make an Emergency Call Drivers can get stranded for hours or days because of a blizzard or flash flood and the ability to make an emergency phone call may save a life. Some flashlights such as the Powertac Hero are also power banks and can be used to charge a phone to make an emergency call.

Self-Defense A quality flashlight is a force option if you need to defend yourself. You can shine the light in the eyes of a carjacker and maybe give you a chance to escape or cause them to walk away. As a last resort you can use a sturdy flashlight as a striking tool.

What Type of Flashlight is Best to Keep in Your Vehicle? Since heat quickly drains the energy out of batteries it's best to keep a rechargeable flashlight in your vehicle so that you can keep it charged from the cigarette lighter. Your flashlight should also be waterproof in the event of a flash-flood or your GPS tells you to drive into a lake. Our two most popular flashlights used by commercial drivers and motorists are the E5R and E9R. If you're looking for the ultimate emergency flashlight and want a flashlight that can also function as a power bank, then consider the HERO flashlight.

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